Wuxi Boporea Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the global recycling standard GRS certification

On December 15, 2017, Wuxi Boporea Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. received the GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certificate, which marks that the chemical fiber produced by ChengYide environmental protection has been “green production” global pass, qualified for plastic processing of recycled fiber textiles, and can provide customers with globally recognized GRS tags.

GRS certification, is the global textile and garment recycling standard, is the international Environmental Management Union certification body (CU) developed for the establishment of renewable fiber verification standards. In addition to standardizing the source of raw materials, the verification standard also standardizes the wastewater treatment and chemical use in the production process. GRS validation system is based on integrity and includes validation and audit of supply chain manufacturers on product recycling/recycling ingredients, control of the chain of custody, social responsibility and environmental norms, and enforcement of chemical restrictions. Enterprises must meet these requirements to obtain the certificate through certification. After passing the verification, CU will also conduct an annual audit to ensure the objectivity and fairness of the whole verification system.

At present, with the improvement of public awareness of environmental protection, more and more downstream enterprises choose recyclable and reused recycled fibers as raw materials to produce “green” products such as clothing, bags, shoes and hats, which are favored by customers in European and American countries, and this is also in line with the “green development” concept advocated by Chengyide environmental Protection. In May 2017, Chengyide environmental Protection applied for GRS certification. After nearly six months of efforts, the company finally passed the on-site audit of CU, and successfully passed the GRS certification license on November 22. The acquisition of GRS certificate, on the one hand, enables enterprises to have the opportunity to be included in the procurement list of international buyers and world famous enterprises, which is a solid step toward internationalization of enterprises; On the other hand, it also enhances the market competitiveness of enterprise products and strengthens the enterprise brand.

After four years of efforts, cheng yi DE environmental chemical fiber products have been in the chemical fiber industry has a certain reputation, in quality, social responsibility, environmental management and chemical control etc showed strong competitiveness, the company through GRS global recovery standard authentication, obtains the certificate, is the recognition of the company production and operation management level, For the company’s future “go out” to lay a solid foundation.

Post time: May-27-2022