Recycled Polyester Hollow Down-like Fiber

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Type: Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber
Color: Raw white
Feature: Bottle grade down-like hollow fiber has a length of 18MM-32MM and is made from using imported German Wacker silicone oil. In addition to smooth feel, the fiber has good fluffiness, rigidity and looseness, and will not be clogged in automated machine filling.
Use:  It can have high output and can be used in clothing, pillows, and toys.

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Product Description

This kind of hollow down-like polyester fiber comes from recycled bottle flakes, its specification is from 18mm-150mm and 2.5D-5D. We use special production, makes the fiber smoother ,softer and more elastic than general fiber.
Our hollow down-like polyester staple fiber comes from recycled polyester material, and has the same features as feather down. It is one kind of profiled fibers produced by special production process , which makes it more fluffy and elastic. It can be used in many fields, such as home textile, toy, clothing and nonwoven.

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This kind of fiber is smoother and more elastic than general fiber, touched more like feather down. It can be used in home textile, nonwoven, filling, toy, and clothing.
This fiber is used for making many kinds of clothing, such as down jackects, coats etc. It is comfortable and soft to wear.
This fiber is used for filling of all kinds of toys, such as dolls, pillows, etc. It is soft, comfortable and safe.
This fiber is used for filling of sofa cushions, chairs, etc. It is soft and comfortable, and can keep the shape of furniture.

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Product Advantages

The advantage of our Hollow down-like fiber:
1.The hollow down-like fiber is made of 100% polyester.A material that is soft,breathable and comfortable.
2.Filled with hollow down-like fiber, textile will be lightweight and easily portable.


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Yes, with product logos

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We will ensure that the structure of raw materials is stable, the technology is stable, and the downstream feedback of the products is good, then we can launch normally.
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Polyester staple fiber series, yarn series

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