Dope Dyed Recycled Wool-like Polyester Staple Fiber

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Type: Recycle Wool-like Polyester Staple Fiber
Color: Dope Dyed
Feature: Soft, elastic and touched like wool, high quality, small color difference, high color fastness
Use: Used in spinning, fabric, knitting and nonwoven. It can be blended with cotton, viscose and other fibers.

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Coming from recycled polyester bottle flakes, this kind of wool-like polyester staple fiber is manufactured by adding master batch online during the melt spinning process. Due to its specification of 38mm-76mm and 4.5D-25D, it is more spinnable and touched like wool. This kind of high quality color fiber has good color fastness, small color difference, perfect resistance to water washing, and can obtain different results by the adjustment of colors. In addition, its chromatography is extremely wide, including orange, red, green, yellow, blue, indigo, violet colors and the derived various chromatography. Our wool-like polyester staple fiber has improved spinnability and physical specifications for it is made by a special production process. With its high strength and less flaws, it is brighter and softer than common polyester staple fiber. This fiber can be used in spinning and nonwoven applications, and can also be blended with wool, cotton, viscose, and other fibers.

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Dope Dyed Recycled Wool-like Polyester Staple Fiber can be used in spinning and nonwoven. It can be blended with wool, cotton, viscose and other fibers.

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Product Advantages

This wool-like polyester fiber feels like wool, is softer and brighter than common polyester staple fiber and has high strength, but has less flaws. It has high quality, good color fastness, resistance to water washing and can achieve different results by the set of the color.


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