Skin-Friendly And Soft Soybean Fiber

Soybean Fiber

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Type: Soybean Fiber
Color: Raw white
Feature: Eco-Friendly, soft , smooth, antibacterial, antistatic
Use: spinning, woven, knitting, home textile, clothing and nonwoven.

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Soybean fiber belongs to regenerated plant protein fiber. With soybean protein powder as raw material and bioengineering technology, globulin in protein powder is extracted. By adding functional additives, frafting copolymerization and blending with other polymers, soybean protein fiber is made into a certain concentration of protein spinning solution, changing the spatial structure of protein and wet spinning. It has the soft hand feeling of cashmere and the soft luster of silk. It is superior to the excellent properties of cotton, such as warmth retention and good skin affinity. It is known as "healthy and comfortable fiber of the new century" and "good fabric loved by skin".

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Soybean fiber can be widely used in spinning, filling and home textile.
Product Advantages
1. It touches softer and smoother, which has excellent affinity with the skin.
2. Moisture permeability is much better than cotton.
3. It can be dyed with acid dyes and reactive dyes. It has very good fastness to sunlight and sweat.
4. It has health care function and can activateskin collagen.

Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)

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Product Advantages

1. It has the low temperature far-infrared function(self heating and temperature rise, expand capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism between tissues, slove the problem of cold skin, and promote microcirculation and metabolic fuction of the body.
2. It is antibacterial and bacteriostatic. Graphene is antibacterial through physical action. Through detection, the antibacterial rate can reach more than 99%.Now many medical gauze also use graphene fiber.
3. It can expelling cold and dampness.
4. It has the function of ultraviolet-proof.
5. It is eco-friendly.


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