Graphene Polyester Staple Fiber

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Type: Graphene Polyester Staple Fiber
Color: Raw white
Feature: Eco-Friendly, soft , antibacterial, antistatic
Use: Home textile, filling, toy, clothing and nonwoven.

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Our Graphene polyester staple fiber is a kind of functional fiber. It has the advantages both from polyester and graphene fiber,  which improves its physical specification and spinnability. The fiber is antibacterial, antistatic and softer . It can be widely used in spinning, filling and hometextile.

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Product Application

This kind of fiber mixed the advanges both from polyester and graphene, which makes the fiber more spinnable and functional. It can be widely used in spinning,  nonwoven and filling.

Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)

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Product Advantages

1. It has the low temperature far-infrared function(self heating and temperature rise, expand capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism between tissues, slove the problem of cold skin, and promote microcirculation and metabolic fuction of the body.
2. It is antibacterial and bacteriostatic. Graphene is antibacterial through physical action. Through detection, the antibacterial rate can reach more than 99%.Now many medical gauze also use graphene fiber.
3. It can expelling cold and dampness.
4. It has the function of ultraviolet-proof.
5. It is eco-friendly.


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