Flame Retardant Polyester Staple Fiber

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Type: Flame Retardant Polyester Staple Fiber
Color: Raw white
Feature: Flame retardant
Use: Home textile, clothing, decoration, filling and nonwoven.

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Flame Retardant Polyester staple Fiber is a kind of environmentally friendly high-tech polyester fiber with retardant performance. The fiber is a new generation of flame retardant technology produced through adding non halogen elements of phosphate reactive flame retardants and inorganic flame retardant polymer in the process of fiber aggregation Phosphorus-containing flame retardant fiber belongs to an intermationally recognized good flame retardant fiber.

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Flame retardant polyester fiber is a modifyied polyester fiber that only melts and does not burin during fire. And when leaves the flame, the smolders extinguishes itself. Compared with ordinary fibers, the flammability of flame-retardant fibers is significantly reduced, the combustion rate is significantly slowed down in the combustion process, can quickly self extionguish after leaving fire source, and less toxic smoke is released. It is widely used in clothing, home, decoration, nonwoven fabrics and filling.

Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (2)
Functional Polyester Staple Fiber (1)

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Product Advantages

1.Flame retardant fiber is a synthetic fiber that has been chemically treated to make it resistant to fire. It is used in a variety of applications, including upholstery, clothing, and insulation.

2.There are a number of different types of flame retardant fiber, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some flame retardant fibers are more effective than others at preventing fire from spreading. They are also typically more expensive than non-flame retardant fibers.

3.Flame retardant fiber is often used in upholstery and other furniture items. It can help to prevent a fire from spreading, which can help to minimize damage and reduce the risk of injury.

4.Flame retardant fiber is also used in clothing. It can help to keep you safe in the event of a fire. Many firefighters wear flame retardant clothing to protect themselves from the heat and flames.

5.Flame retardant fiber is also used in insulation. It can help to prevent a fire from spreading through the insulation and causing damage to the structure of the building.

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